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The perfect partnership to reward our customers

Switch Telecom is pleased to announce its new partnership with Qantas Business Rewards. Qantas’ reputation for excellence across all aspects of aviation, coupled with their commitment to staff and customers alike, make them a strategic partnership for Switch Telecom.  

Australia’s largest domestic and international airline, Qantas has grown from a small group of individuals who were committed to building the aviation industry. Switch Telecom requires that same commitment to solve the key problems that businesses across Australia are facing in the telecommunications industry.

Our company purpose is to provide integrity, clarity and innovative solutions to businesses across Australia. Partnering with Qantas, a brand that understands loyalty, was a natural fit that complimented our mission perfectly.

“We've always wanted to launch a loyalty program. We realised there was no point reinventing the wheel. We alway choose Qantas because they understand how to look after their customers. Partnering with them for a rewards program made perfect sense. With this new partnership Switch Telecom can now reward our customers for their loyalty by earning Qantas Business Rewards points, every single month.” - Richard Boothby.

What business wouldn’t want to turn their inbound spend into points that can be used for business trips, holidays, staff rewards and bonuses?

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