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Switch on your new business

Starting a new business venture and feeling unsure about how to set up your telecommunication system?

Switch on your business with Switch Telecom.

We have years of experience in setting up new businesses with all their telecommunications needs. With a simple single billing system, support staff who are just down the road and phone techs and engineers that can guide you through the set up process, Switch Telecom are ready to cater to your needs no matter how big or small.

Offering a large range of new and quality telco business products, Switch Telecom can help establish your new and growing business. Our Account Managers understand how the industry works and will seek to find common sense solutions to your telco needs, in a way that suits your business's time and budgetary constraints. With the experience to offer innovative solutions and the ability to find the best deal through our wholesale suppliers, we will make switching on your business as simple as it should be.

Our experienced Account Managers will think through the needs of your new and growing business:

a) We will evaluate the telco needs of your business.

Understanding who you are and what your business is about is important to us. Determining your telco needs based on your individual business will allow us to talk through a range of options like internet data requirements, phone system management, direct In-dial ranges, promotional numbers and Inbound 1300 or 1800 numbers. Every business is unique and we endeavour to find unique telco solutions that best fit your business.

b) We will advise you on product options that suit your needs and budget.

Our staff are familiar with a range of products that will assist your new and growing business. From new phone systems with voice message and email facilities to your internet data and speed requirements, to your business’s mobile phone plans. We will be able to clearly explain the pro’s and con’s of different product options in a common sense way, so you can make the best choice for your business.

c) We will coordinate the install and set up of your new products.

We won’t leave you to try to figure out the setup of you new system. We will take care of everything from beginning to end. Our dedicated engineers and phone technicians will work through the complexities of the site install and we will liaise with all relevant parties including carriers, building managers and your IT staff.


"Our business was in real need of an upgrade to our phone set up. Receiving and making calls is at the heart of our business but we really didn’t know of the options out there that could make our lives easier. Switch Telecom was able to diagnose the deficiencies in our system and give us some great options going forward. They have streamlined our operation in a way that has allowed us to expand and move forward as a business."

Hurdle Enterprises, Colin Hurdle, Director

"As an owner of a medium sized business I was unaware at how much time and money I could save by going with a new telecommunications set up. It has allowed greater flexibility in our office operation, given us more scope to communicate with our clients and improved how we operate as a business. Switch Telecom were really able to help us for which I am very grateful."

SNAP, James McGill, Franchise Owner

"Capture Recruitment have been with Switch Telecom since our business was established in 2010. They recommended and delivered a technical set up from day one and gave us great prices for our phone and internet usage. As we have grown as a business, we have relied on their expertise and knowledge for the install of new systems and the adding of new services. They have always helped out with problems along the way and been able to offer solutions that work."

Capture Recruitment, Tony Ebejer – Managing Director

Let switch get your new business started. Switch today.