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Make the Switch to wholesale single billing

Would you like just one telco bill each month for your business that is easy to understand?

Switch Telecom has the answer for you.

Due to our agreements with each of the carriers, Switch Telecom has the unique ability to combine all of your bills on to one simple monthly account. Not only will this save you time, it will save you money. By merging all of your services together we can leverage sharper pricing for you ensuring you are getting a fairer deal.

Are you tired of receiving multiple land-line bills, mobile bills and internet bills? Is it difficult to understand your bills? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to work out which plan will be best for you? Do you get tired of waiting on hold for hours on end wasting your time?

Make the switch to a simpler and cheaper account.

As well as combining your services, we will offer a free audit and analysis of your accounts to ensure you are using the best product mix for your business needs. Often, some common sense solutions and simple changes can significantly improve your telco functionality while saving your business money.

It’s the switch that just makes sense.


"Our business was at the point where it was difficult to keep track of all the services we were using and the bills we were receiving. We had fixed lines, inbound services, mobile phones and an internet plan, all with different carriers. Switch was able to combine all of our services onto one account. Not only did it make sense, it was a lot cheaper." - Diamond Coffee Equipment, Mark Paradiso, General Manager

"Switch Telecom were able to save me money off my monthly bill, while I stayed with the same carrier. Plus, I now get great customer service and can talk to someone in Australia if I have any problems." - General Laser, Andrew Miles, Managing Director

"I was put in charge of sorting out the IT and Phone Systems at my workplace. Switch’s friendly customer and technical support team assisted us in auditing our services and combining our accounts. Switch also advised and provide the optimal solutions for us. It was that simple." - Delta Energy, Tim Lin, IT Support

"I recently had some complicated phone issues and I was putting off correcting them because I knew how long it was going to take with the usual 20 min holds and half-english, repeated conversations I usually get with the traditional service providers.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with the level of service from Switch Telecom. It was so simple dealing with them; they took care of everything, listened to my needs, gave me advice and even offered improvements to the existing service as well as moving everything onto just one bill instead of 5.

It was so great speaking with a real person that understands! I am now saving money and have a renewed confidence that legitimate and professional service providers still exist, with a level of personal service long since forgotten."

Hot Under the Collar - Josh Needham, Director

"Moving onto one to one monthly account for my phones, internet and mobiles made my life a lot simpler and got rid of paperwork my business didn’t need."

"I sent my phone and internet bill to Switch Telecom by email before I had even met them. They were able to audit my accounts and give me options on how to save money on my internet, phone and mobile accounts. When I did meet Richard he was able to talk me through the process of transferring my accounts. They are a great team who worked hard for our business."

Let switch get your new business started. Switch today.