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Get a new inbound number with Switch

7 reasons why we think you should

5 Qantas Points For Every $1.00

Switch Telecom is now offering all clients that switch over or purchase a new inbound number a massive 5 Qantas Points for every $1 spent, every single month.  As a Switch Telecom client you also receive complimentary membership (valued at $89.50) to the Qantas Business Reward program.

Track & Measure Your Marketing

A 13/1300 or 1800 number is a powerful way to capture inbound call data for your business. By understanding where your calls are coming from, who's calling you and how often is an extremely useful tool for measuring your marketing and developing your business. To be even more effective you can setup multiple numbers for separating and tracking different parts of your business.

Increase Your Sales

Studies prove that customers are more likely to call an 13/1300 or 1800 number than a mobile or local number. Inbound numbers give your clients more confidence in your brand by making your business seem 'bigger.' With rich reporting features, you can use your inbound number to accurately track and report on your marketing campaigns.

Never Miss A Call Again

We have a proven and leading call management platform by partnering with only Tier 1 carriers.  We ensure maximum reliability and great call quality. With our 99.99% uptime guarantee and uncapped calling ability we ensure our robust technology delivers reliability for your business.

Keep Your Business Open 24/7

With an new inbound number, never be disconnected again, even if you relocate your business. With a single virtualised number for your clients to remember you'll never need to worry about updating your phone numbers again. Our Inbound solution is designed to be flexible because every business is different.

Free Or Low Cost Calls

Provide a single number that allows your clients to call you from anywhere around Australia at a low cost, or free with 1800 numbers. By investing in an 13/1300 Number the call cost is subsidised by the business making it easier and cheaper for your clients to get in contact with you. With a 1800 Number the call cost is entirely subsidised by the business removing all barriers for your clients to get in contact with you.

Choose Where To Receive Your Calls

You can receive your calls according to a set of rules. You might prefer to have calls route to your main office during the day and your after hours support team at night. Configure any callflow from the simplest to the most complex and provide one number for your clients to remember with multiple destinations for the answerpoint.

Inbound Numbers Explained


A 1300 Number is the best way to show callers that you're more than just a local business. It is a 10 digit virtualised number that allows your customers to call you from anywhere in Australia for a low fixed cost connecting them directly to any landline, mobile or VoIP number.


A 1800 Number is the best way to provide your clients with a number that is 'free' for them to call from anywhere around Australia. Otherwise termed as a 'Toll Free' number its a great way to let your clients know that you're not just a local business.


A 13 Number is a short 6 digit virtualised number that will differentiate your brand with an unforgettable number to give you an edge over your competition. A 13 number will provide your clients with a widely recognised local rate number that can be called from anywhere in Australia.

Smart Numbers
After a number with appealing patterns or combinations that spell words? With a new easy to remember number you're clients will never have an issue getting in touch.
Local Support
Pick up the phone, send us a message or come out and see us. We’d love to welcome you to our team and help you make the Switch to a Switch Inbound!
Call Handling
Direct your incoming calls up to 3 alternative numbers when the original phone number is busy or not answered within 15 seconds. Never miss a call again.
Do you need to divert incoming calls based on time and day the call is made? Schedules even allows for calls to be diverted from office to office anywhere around the world.
Voice Mail to Email
Want to listen to your voice messages wherever you are, anytime of day? Now you no longer need to be in the office with audio files sent straight to your inbox.
Call Reporting
Want to understand who's calling you and when? We can provide you comprehensive monthly reporting allowing you to see call stats like, time, day even location of call.
Complex Routing
Enhanced features allowing for powerful routing rules such as store locator, local or post code manager, traffic allocater and even a VIP answering service.
Menu (IVR)
Want your clients to enjoy premium self-service? Menus is a suite of touch-tone response features to distribute the call according to your clients requirements.

The difference between 1300, 1800 & 13 numbers

These are all 'inbound' numbers. They are also virtual numbers by nature and are purposely designed to manage incoming calls. This provides control over client inbound calls enabling businesses to track, measure and manage calls flows for delegating to the desired department with precision.

The main difference is in the way costs are split between the business and its customers.
  • When someone calls a 1300 number, the caller and the business are sharing the cost of the call. The caller is charged a local call rate, which is why these numbers are often termed 'Local Call Numbers'.
  • When someone calls a 1800 number from any Australian landline, the call is free for the caller. The business pays for the full cost of the call. This is why 1800 numbers are commonly referred to as 'Toll-Free or Free-Call Numbers'.
  • A 13 number is charged for calls the same as a 1300 number, however the rights of use to 13 numbers are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. This means means the monthly cost of 13 numbers is considerable higher and is varied based on the demand and memorability of the number.