Internet with business grade reliability on Australia’s biggest networks is just the beginning at Switch Telecom. Offering a complete range of business plans, we can provide you with a service that can power all your business connectivity, data demands and speed requirements. You’ll have all our technical support contact details, so if you have a question or need to do some troubleshooting we are only an email or phone call away. One of our experienced IT engineers can provide: 

  • ADSL2+ Business Broadband
  • SHDSL Business Broadband
  • IP Line Business Broadband
  • Ethernet In the First Mile Internet
  • Mobile Broadband

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"The only thing I find more frustrating than my phones or internet being down is not being able to talk to someone who understands my problem and can help fix it. These guys have always been there when I needed them."

"Our business is dependent on good telecommunications. I wouldn’t trade the ability to be able call the guys and have an answer to my problem within the hour."

"I like the fact that they focus on telecommunications for business. Its their niche and they nail it."

"I was surprised when I was spoke to Switch’s telecommunications engineer, I was speaking to someone who actually understood the hardware not a guy rattling of predetermined responses. He was able to help us through our problems and find solutions. Fantastic service!"